A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Generous Checkpoints is a completed prototype featuring the following:

-Precision platforming

-Hidden areas

-7 levels with different mechanics

-40 collectible coins

-3 unlocks

-Air combo system

-Mouse Only and Keyboard Only controls

-A floating head that's always crying

Install instructions

Hold TAB while in game to view more tips and controls. This game is not optimized for browser or mobile play, desktop recommended.


Press T to hard reset that level if you encounter a bug.

If you'd like to set your own checkpoints, Press the 1 key. However you must set your own checkpoints for the rest of that entire level. Don't forget! You can always reset this and go back to preset checkpoints by resetting the level with T or leaving the level with escape.

Unlockables at 15 coins, 30 coins, and 40 coins

To use the 30 coin powerup, press K while moving.

To use the 40 coin powerup, press 5 or 6


TAB for a list of more controls

WSAD/Arrow Keys/Mouse+Wheel

T is a hard reset of the entire level

Press S or J or Shift to drop down

ESCAPE exits to main menu


GenerousCheckpoints.zip 114 MB
GCPosx.zip 181 MB
GCPlinux.zip 114 MB

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